The world is entering a perfect storm of enabling technologies for Computer Vision – from industry (industry 4.0), to automotive (driverless cars), to security and the home assistant, Computer Vision technologies are being deployed now. However, the barrier to entry is high because of the complexity of this technology. We will address this through the provision of

  • enabling IP

  • methodologies

  • software libraries and tools

Our Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks and Deep Reinforcement Learning for application to Object Recognition, Navigation, Mechanical Control and Emotion Detection.

Computer Vision

Camera Calibration, Morphology, Feature Extraction and Stereo Matching applied to Mapping, Obstacle Detection and Avoidance, Metric Reconstruction, Robotic Path Planning and Quality Control.

Embedded Design

Low-power embedded design and development, embedded intelligence and vision, camera interfaces, low-power inference solutions.

Ubotica Technologies

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