European Commission Projects Story | 6 Dec 2019

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Looking through the ‘Eyes of Things’

An EU funded project, EoT, which designed an embedded vision platform for mobile applications such as wearables, drones, smart toys and video surveillance, has received the ECS Innovation Award 2019 at the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems in Helsinki.

H2020 'Eyes of Things' project coordinators receiving award

The Eyes of Things project, led by the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) from 2015 to 2018, has been acknowledged by the European Commission as one of the most innovative H2020 projects in the area of “Electronic Components and Systems”. The project received the Innovation Award in November 2019 in Helsinki, in the context of the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems – EFECS2019. The project was a collaboration of 8 European partners and was supported through the ‘Smart Cyber-Physical Systems’ topic of the Horizon 2020 framework. Project EoT had already received the Innovation Award by the HiPEAC European network of excellence in December 2018.

Hardware and software was carefully designed to provide the best ratio of computing performance (including deep learning inference) versus power consumption, into the design of an embedded vision platform for mobile applications, such as wearables, drones, smart toys, video surveillance, etc. The EoT board is only 46×56 mm in size and can be produced in volume for a very low cost.

Irish SME Ubotica Technologies has now taken the lead in tailoring the reference designs to products by third parties. Ubotica is already using the technologies in important projects for clients such as Lenovo, Intel and the European Space Agency.

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