Intel AI Builders | 24 Sep 2019

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Intel selects Ubotica for AI Builders program

Intel AI Builders logo

The Intel AI Builders Program was launched to help partners implementing artificial intelligence (AI), with the resources and support they need to accelerate the adoption of their Intel-based AI platforms.

This includes access to Intel’s AI Academy, an exclusive Intel AI DevCloud for Builders, and technical support. It also markets member’s solutions via Intel channels and match-makes select members with Intel’s enterprise customers.

Ubotica Technologies provides design services and solutions to assist clients to develop Computer Vision and AI solutions using the Intel Movidius Myriad family of devices, be it the Inference Accelerators or the Myriad 2 or X devices themselves.

Ubotica have reference PCB designs which clients can use to bootstrap their product development and provide all the necessary engineering services to develop Computer Vision and AI solutions to a client’s specification.

Intel AI Builders – here