Ubotica Delivers Increased Edge Compute Performance per Watt for In-Orbit AI

22 February 2023, Ubotica Technologies, the leading provider of smarts for smart satellites, today announced CogniSAT-XE2 the next generation hardware platform for delivering state of the art Artificial Intelligence (AI) in space.

Building on the flight proven CogniSAT technology, CogniSAT-XE2 comes in a mechanical and power envelope compatible with small satellites even down to CubeSats and delivers increased compute performance per Watt.

Satellites designed using CogniSAT-XE2 accelerate system return on investment by maximising in-orbit data analysis capabilities to deliver actionable insights in real-time and optimising downlink data load. CogniSAT-XE2 provides the AI capabilities to enable a wide variety of AI-enabled applications such as real-time navigation and collision avoidance assistance, image analysis and insight generation, area of interest identification and smart data management.

According to John Doody, VP Product at Ubotica, “CogniSAT-XE2 expands the capabilities and autonomy of Earth Observation satellite constellations. Image analysis at the edge in space can be used to direct space-based observation assets in real time to areas of specific interest. Operation of CogniSAT-XE2 is programmable in orbit and can be dynamically enhanced based on operator need or the real-time analysis of sensor data.”

Operators can easily integrate CogniSAT-XE2 within their satellite systems using the CogniSAT-HCS host control software which can also orchestrate the use of the CogniSAT-XE2 platform for many different tasks during a single orbit.  The CogniSAT-TK provides the AI software developer with a range of image pre-processing and post-processing algorithms which will speed up the development of applications optimised for the CogniSAT-XE2 platform.

CogniSAT-XE2 is available now and will fly on the Ubotica CogniSAT-6 mission announced in November 2022. More details on CogniSAT-XE2 are available here.

Ubotica is at the heart of semi-autonomous satellite systems that provide real-time insights from flexible on-board processing and that use affordable, low energy hardware. The Ubotica CogniSAT platform was developed with deep insight of processing hardware, computer vision software and AI system integration. CogniSAT technology has already been proven in multiple space flown projects with partners in Europe and the USA, including NASA JPL and the European Space Agency (ESA).

In March, Ubotica will exhibit at Paris Space Week and Satellite 2023 in Washington, DC.