Flight proven and power efficient edge computing platform solution for AI on satellites

Why AI in Space


Massively more efficient usage of valuable download communications bandwidth from satellite to Earth.


Dramatically reduce time to obtain actionable intelligence from images captured by satellites.


Enhance mission flexibility – run multiple AI applications at source and in parallel on the same satellite, even on the same data.


Extract needed intelligence at source, discard other potentially sensitive data.


Enable self-contained applications on-board satellite with AI – no post
processing of image data on earth required.

Why CogniSAT

Inference at source to extract only valuable data to optimise bandwidth.

Push to launch efficient upload of new applications and model updates.

High frame rate processing at source.

Actionable intelligence extracted in seconds.

Close to sensor integration reduces processing and data.

Pre- and post-processing and multiple inferences possible on the same image.

Multi-camera support for EO, debris tracking, star tracking, telemetry.

Reliability- Neural Network Supervisor gives confidence factor for AI models.

On-board storage to archive millions of acquired images for later retrieval.

Learning at the edge to enhance model accuracy with real in-flight data.

Improved decision making and collaboration between satellites.

Dynamic Mission Retargeting.

Low power consumption increases satellite duty cycle.

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