UB0100 CubeSat Board for AI and Computer Vision Acceleration

The Power of Myriad 2 brought to Cubesats

The Ubotica UB0100 CubeSat Board brings the power of Myriad 2’s CV and AI compute acceleration to a PC104 form-factor for smallsat and cubesat missions. It is built around the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 Computer Vision (CV) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) COTS VPU whose 12 vector cores provide high-performance compute within a low power envelope (nominally < 1.5W).

Flexible & Easy to Integrate


The UB0100 combines the power efficient compute of the Myriad 2 VPU with a wide range of interfaces and peripherals, providing flexibility for integration into satellite platforms.

Either Gigabit Ethernet or USB2.0/3.0 can be used as the primary control and data interface to the board, enabling data rates sufficient to handle many CV and AI applications at near-streaming throughput.

Power distribution and latch-up protection is managed on-board, requiring only a single 5V external source.

Widely Adaptable for AI and Vision Deployments

Compact & Self Contained

Boot can be either over USB or SPI from an external device, or from an on-board 1GB NOR flash. Radiation and inertial sensing components, as well as non-volatile data storage, are also provided on the board.

The compact 94mm x 91mm PC104 form factor is suitable for integration into 1U cubesats.


The UB0100 board has the following features**:

  • MA2450 Myriad 2 CV and AI engine for smallsat and cubesat applications
  • PC104 form factor, meeting ESA’s board specification for cubesat demonstrators

  • On-board integrated latch-up protection

  • Operates from single 5V supply

  • Direct operation mode → CV and AI engine as a slave over USB 2.0/3.0 or Ethernet
  • Custom operation mode → CV and AI for directly interfaced sensors, control over SPI, CAN, USB or Ethernet (UART and I2C also available)
  • COTS components

  • Serial NOR flash for boot

  • 3.3V I/O voltage

  • Parallel and MIPI camera interfaces for direct sensor connection

  • Compatible with Ubotica CVAI Toolkit Software, for complete control over CV and NN processing

  • microSD card for non-volatile data storage

  • Additional integrated satellite-oriented peripherals

    • Floating Gate Dosimeter for radiation sensing
    • IMU integrating 3D accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Targets sub 5W power envelope (application dependent)

  • Assembly-time reconfigurability via 0-ohm resistors

  • Stackable 2x dual row board-edge headers for power delivery and platform/payload communications

  • High-speed parallel camera interface for direct sensor interfacing

  • Full product sheet and board availability Q4 2020

* In Direct Mode

** This board is being developed under an ongoing ESA-supported project, and the information provided here is subject to modification.