Ubotica at ESA ISD 2022

Ubotica exhibits at the European Space Community at ESA Industry Space Days 2022

The Industry Space Days (ISD) is organised by the SME Office in the ESA Commercialisation Department to foster cooperation between different actors in the entire space sector.

Taking place in Noordwijk, The Netherlands from 28 – 29 September 2022, The Industry Space Days will feature a wide range of keynotes and panel discussions, bringing together speakers from ESA, industry, investors and institutional partners.

This year’s ISD provides an excellent opportunity to hear from ESA and other key stakeholders in the European space industry, showcase products and services and meet future partners.

“We are looking forward to meeting with our industry partners, showcasing our capabilities and hearing from ESA as well as new, emerging and established players in the European space industry”, said Bob Tait, Head of Marketing at Ubotica.

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