[Dublin, June 13th 2024] – Ubotica is proud to announce its role in the MESEO project, a Horizon Europe-backed initiative to develop an open, flexible, and scalable multi-mission Earth Observation (EO) system for large-scale data processing.

The MESEO project is a collaborative initiative within the European Union’s Space Programme, dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions that enhance the utilisation of Earth Observation (EO) data. By focusing on diverse applications such as environmental monitoring, disaster response, and sustainable development, MESEO aims to maximise the value derived from space-based data for the benefit of European society and beyond.

MESEO’s Commitment to Enhanced EO Data Processing

MESEO is committed to improving the quality of service and responsiveness across the entire EO data processing chain. By refining various stages of the end-to-end process, the project aims to:

  1. Reduce communication bandwidth requirements: Streamlining data transmission for greater efficiency.
  2. Integrate advanced technologies: Leveraging innovative solutions such as Ubotica’s SPACE:AI  to optimise power consumption, processing capabilities, and system usability.

Key to this initiative is the consolidation of these features within a collaborative digital ecosystem, facilitated by an EO Coordinator Centre. This Centre will utilise distributed and heterogeneous Processing Functions, accessed through harmonised interfaces that ensure data sovereignty. MESEO addresses both the upstream and downstream segments of the EO data processing value chain.

For each End User data request, the EO Coordinator Centre will assign and activate the appropriate registered Processing Function, ensuring optimal selection in terms of timing and quality. Participants in the EO ecosystem will be able to offer their products and services as exported Functions within this ecosystem. The MESEO prototype will be demonstrated through pilot applications focused on methane monitoring and crop classification, thereby showcasing performance enhancements achieved through technological innovations.

In this groundbreaking system concept, Ubotica is responsible for the development and deployment of AI-driven image triaging and in-line processing for On-board Processing Functions. Space:AI’s onboard processing capabilities enable intelligent data triage, prioritising and transmitting only the most relevant Earth Observation data for immediate analysis and action.

“We are excited to contribute to MESEO’s ambitious objectives and we look forward to the innovative advancements this partnership will bring to the space industry,” said Dr. Aubrey Dunne,  Co-Founder and CTO at Ubotica. “Our AI-driven solutions are poised to revolutionise how data is processed on board, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness, and the MESEO system will significantly benefit from the integration of these solutions.”

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey inMESEO to transform Earth Observation systems.

About Ubotica: Ubotica is a leader in AI-driven solutions for space technology, dedicated to improving data processing and handling through innovative approaches. Our mission is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Earth Observation systems by processing data at-source on satellite in order to extract insights enabling optimal satellite system operation and rapid value delivery to end users.