Press Release – 22 May 2024

Dublin, Ireland – Ubotica Technologies, the leader in SPACE:AI, today announced it has been selected by the European Commission as a key participant in the ARCHYTAS project, a groundbreaking initiative to develop cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerators for defence applications. Funded by the European Defence Fund, ARCHYTAS brings together leading technology firms and research institutions to advance AI capabilities through innovative hardware and software solutions.

SPACE:AI for Enhanced Defence

Ubotica’s SPACE:AI technology, a revolutionary platform that brings AI processing directly to Earth Observation satellites, will play a central role in the project. By analysing data in orbit, SPACE:AI enables faster threat detection, classification, and response times for defence applications. This eliminates the need to transmit massive amounts of data to Earth, improving efficiency and mission effectiveness.

ARCHYTAS: Pioneering AI Advancements

Funded by the European Defence Fund (EDF), ARCHYTAS aims to revolutionise AI for defence by developing faster, more energy-efficient, and cost-effective AI solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of defence applications. By harnessing novel technologies, ARCHYTAS will enhance the capabilities of AI accelerators, enabling more effective defence operations.

The EDF, a key initiative of the European Union, bolsters Europe’s defence capabilities by funding collaborative research and development projects. It fosters innovation and cooperation across member states, companies, and research institutions to develop cutting-edge defence technologies. By supporting projects from research to final products, the EDF aims to strengthen the EU’s strategic autonomy and resilience in an increasingly complex security landscape.

The ARCHYTAS project aims to revolutionise AI for defence through:

Novel Technologies: Exploring cutting-edge device and package-level advancements, such as optoelectronic-based accelerators and neuromorphic devices.

Energy Efficiency: Prioritising solutions that minimise energy consumption, a critical factor in defence operations.

Speed and Performance: Developing accelerators capable of significantly faster processing for rapid decision-making in critical situations.

Cost-Effectiveness: Delivering high-performance AI solutions that are affordable and accessible.

“We are delighted to receive our first grant from the European Defence Fund,” said Fintan Buckley, Ubotica CEO. “SPACE:AI can be a critical tool in defence, identifying risks in real-time and ensuring rapid response capabilities. This support from the EDF enables us to push the boundaries of AI technology and contribute significantly to Europe’s defence capabilities.”