Ubotica Technologies is pleased to announce the formation of a new U.S. corporate entity and the opening of its new US headquarters, strategically situated within the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI). This new headquarters serves not only to expand Ubotica’s growing commercial and government customer base across the Americas but also to deepen its public and private partnerships with NASA and the Defense Industry.


The new U.S. corporate structure enables Ubotica Technologies Inc. to engage in U.S. government procurement and collaborate extensively in Space:AI technologies, thereby accelerating AI autonomy in satellites in space. Being co-located with OAI, a leading hub for US aerospace research and innovation, enhances Ubotica’s mission.

Ohio has long been a nexus for space exploration and aerospace advancements. “Our co-location within OAI provides a great opportunity to integrate into an ecosystem at the forefront of space and aerospace innovation”, said Sean Mitchell, Chairman and Chief Commercial Officer at Ubotica. “We are grateful to the Ohio Aerospace Institute for their support and eagerly anticipate future collaborative partnerships.”


Ubotica’s Senior Director of U.S. Business Development Aaron Rood added, “This strategic move to establish our US headquarters and corporate entity at OAI positions us ideally to advance AI autonomy in satellites and expand our U.S. operations.”

Ubotica leads the industry in deploying advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies on satellites. Its CogniSat™ Platform is the most adaptable, comprehensive, and power-efficient onboard AI solution, set to revolutionize satellite autonomy and analytics in space.