Welcome to Ubotica’s winter newsletter, which includes our recent company announcements and exciting missions that we are working on which will revolutionize Earth Observation (page 5).

In this issue, you can learn more about how we are developing the infrastructure to extend the Mobile App Store ecosystem into Space and unlock Live Earth Intelligence (page 2).

Ubotica continues to grow its global team, and in this issue, we discuss our new US Headquarters in Ohio (page 4).

As the industry faces challenges in integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Earth Observation (EO) satellites, Ubotica’s CTO, Aubrey Dunne discusses building efficient SPACE-AI models for Earth Observation satellites (page 10).

We also include an interview with our Chief Strategy Officer, Brian Quinn in which he talks about Ubotica’s 2024 satellite launch, how our EO technology is helping the agriculture and marine industries and why critical infrastructure is another area that can benefit from timely insights and alerts from space.

The Ubotica team have been attending numerous global space events and conferences worldwide, and we highlight several of these.